The Canadian Health Care Solution
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The Canadian Health Care Project

The MFI Institute’s mandate is to facilitate proper education, including “on-site” training to health care students and professionals to better service the Canadian population in all aspects of Food and Health Care sectors as humanly possible by utilizing sound strategic planning methodologies.

We assist:
Nurse Aides, Orderlies,
Health Care Aides / P.A.B. (Préposé(e) Aux Bénificiares in QC.),
Patient Service Associates,
Assist RN’s and RNA’s,
Other Hospital Staff and Physicians in the caring of patients.

Health Care Vocational Education
  Mission ...
Purpose and Goals

Our main stream goals are:
Supply an abundance of “New and Re-trained” Specialized Health Care Professionals.

Join forces in helping to make Infection Control, Food Safety and Sterile Processing courses mandatory for all Governmental, Public and Private Services Companies who deal with the public.

Fill the Health Care Professional short falls in much needed sectors such as: Native reserves, distant location clinics etc.
Provide easier access for International Medical Professionals to immediately practice in Canada.

Educate and train enough people so that we can supply more personnel to nursing homes and all other sectors needed for quality care to an ageing population including palliative and end of life care for children and people of all ages.

Continually strive to enforce “Higher Standards and Services” in Infection Control, Food Safety and Sterile Processing for Canadians.

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Health Care For the 21st Century
The Launching of the MFI Insitute allows us to:

Further educate and prepare our students so
that they will have the knowledge and capabilities to implement infection control measures in both their professional and personal environments.

Given our present Health Care System depletion, we have an open window of opportunity to bring about great solutions.

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Aboriginal, EDU-SANTÉ and International Health Care Professional Partnerships

The Edu-Santé plan is to generate medical environments that will create “Centers of Excellence” and thus, help relieve the present health care burden, by all eviating shortages and increase healthcare standards especially to low service areas by providing healthcare assistants and professionals through our graduates and further acquire qualified international doctors, nurses and technicians, etc.

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The launching of the MF institute allows us to further educate and and prepare our student ...
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The MFI Institute’s mandate is to facilitate proper education, including “on-site” ...
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MFI Institute’s partners will assist international student requirements such as: MFI ...
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Currently, in the province of Québec, private schools provide basic training of ...
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The MFI Institute offers budget-oriented alternative opportunities for ...
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  Contact us
We are located in Montréal, Qc., Canada.
P: 1-514-323-2228
F: 1-514-938-6223
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