Online payment via PayPal only
MFI Institute is offering online payment solutions for the students who want to start the process immediately.
Online payment solutions are easy to operate, and they are provided by world’s most secure platforms - PayPal.
Feel free to choose the desired products from the list below, you will be able to modify the quantity of the products in the cart feature, once everything is complete.

Below is a list of the list of the products you will be able to purchase online.
Feel free to ask us all the questions you have prior to ordering online, we will me more than glad to assist you.

All prices below are in CAD (Canadian Dollars)

 Product Description Length CODE Price (CAD)
 Initial Registration (one time fee) unit IR-001  765.00 

You can close the <Cart> window, at any time, buying another product will take you back to the cart.
You can modify the quantity of each item (ex. Uniforms) in the <Cart> window. Press <Update Cart>
You can cancel any item from the list by modifying the quantity to 0 then press <Update Cart>

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