Training P.H.C.A.’s by Design...

The MFI Institute’s mandate is to facilitate proper education, including “on-site” training to health care students and professionals to better service the Canadian population in all aspects of Food and Health Care sectors as humanly possible by utilizing sound strategic planning methodologies.

Why hire our P.H.C.A’s rather than a regular nursing assistant?

Currently, in the province of Québec, private schools provide basic training of Nursing Aides. The private school curriculum is approved by Emploi Québec. Graduates from private institutions are then able to train nursing basics, lifting techniques. The concern herein is that these individuals are not monitored for quality control. The curriculum and programs are not subject to review by Emploi Québec or the Ministry of Education.

MFI’s Institute designs their P.H.C.A. programs with qualified trainers who are current in their industry training requirements. This quality training requirement gives our P.H.C.A.’s an edge in their work environment. Healthcare patients will be confident and will rely on our P.H.C.A.’s.

 Our conscientious, qualified P.H.C.A.’s will “raise the bar” with industry approved standards for medical patient care and safety

Graduate Student Opportunities

MFI Intuition's focus is to finally provide specifically branded” Health Care education in Infection Control, Food Safety and Sterile Processing built in to every course offered.

Therefore, Graduate Students of MFI Institute will have a much better window of opportunity to more successfully compete in “new and existing” Governmental, Privatized and Public Employment Markets.

Enjoy special recognition in their field
Have more up-to-date and advanced qualifications compared to their peers
Have the ability to monitor Infection Control within their workplace
Become “Team Leaders”

Teach better practices to their fellow workers
Have the credentials to negotiate better salaries
Have the ability to prove to their clients that
they are in safe hands

MFI Institute is about Supply and Education in Infection Control


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The MFI Institute’s mandate is to facilitate proper education, including “on-site” ...
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